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What Do Catholics Believe?

The Papacy and Christian Unity

   The Pope is the successor of Saint Peter and is the chief Pastor and shepherd of the whole Church. 



   Prayer is communication with God. Prayer can be public or personal, spoken or silent. In it's simplest definition ... prayer is a conversation. It's a conversation with God, Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. It's a conversation with any one of the Saints ... Mary, the Apostles, our favorite Patron. It's a conversation with any of the inhabitants of the heavenly realm. Friends don't stay friends very long if they don't talk to one another ... so pray.


The Liturgical Calendar

   The seasons of the Church follow one, universal, liturgical calendar. 


Catholic Essentials

   We follow spiritual law and foundation.

The Sacraments

   The Catholic Church has defined seven (7) Sacraments ... instituted by and through the life of Jesus Christ.

The Mass

   The Eucharist is "the Source and Summit of the Christian life." The Eucharist is the heart and summit of the Church's life, for in it Christ associates His Church and all her members with His sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving offered once for all on the cross to His Father; by this sacrifice He pours out the graces of salvation on His Body which is the Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church #1407).

Current Issues

   Our Parish Community stays informed with Catholic News and Perspective.

Additional Resources

   Additional resources from around the web can provide additional insight into what Catholics believe and why ...

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