E-Mail Scams

You might have received an e-mail recently from me asking for gift cards. It's a scam!

  • Please be aware that I would never ask for gift cards via e-mail ... I would never solicit anything via e-mail.

  • If I was to ask for the help of the parishioners and / or staff  and / or anyone for help with anything, it would be by a direct phone call or at the end of Mass during the announcements (for Parish or Diocesan solicitations), or a direct mailing from the Parish or from me personally for whatever cause.

  • For your protection, delete these e-mails immediately. If you have a question about it, please call the Parish Office or contact me directly.

On May 8th, the Parishes of the Diocese received guidelines from Bishop Sullivan and  Fr. Hughes for the reopening of the churches in the Diocese. A plan needed to be submitted by Friday, May 29th.

On May 29th, the Parishes received the additional news that daily Mass would be able to be celebrated publicly beginning Tuesday, June 9th (with less than 10 people in attendance). On June 13th, weekend Masses can be celebrated with social-distancing, face masks, hand-sanitizer, and a number of other guidelines. The weekend of June 13th & 14th, we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. We celebrate the Eucharist. What an awesome day to return to the public celebration of Mass ... to return to Church!

Please click here for the letter and information sheet that was sent to all households in the Parish of Saint Michael the Archangel.


Did you know that you can  submit your weekly contributions via the USPS or even drop them off?

   The Parish of Saint Michael the Archangel accepts your weekly contributions via online giving, however, if you prefer, your envelopes can be mailed to or even dropped off at the Parish Office. (If you choose to drop off your envelopes at the Parish Office, please call or e-mail us first and we'll let you know where and how you can drop them off safely.)

As of April 10, 2020 ...

You have donated $45,995 or 56%

of our goal of 82,061.

We're better than half-way there!

Let's keep it going!

Thank you for your generosity 

to the House of Charity!


Mass Intention Book

& Sanctuary Candles


   You will notice from the Mass Intentions on the second page of the bulletin that there are many open Masses during the week …


   In this time of COVID-19, social distancing, and closed Parish Offices and churches, you can still request a Mass or Sanctuary candle. (Our Lord is still present in the Tabernacles of both Saint Catherine of Siena and Nativity churches.)


   You can call 856-881-9155 or you can e-mail to make your request. You can then send your Mass stipend to the Parish Office via regular mail or drop it off at the Parish Office. (I will give you instructions how to drop off your stipend, if that is your choice, when you call or e-mail the Office … I also ask that your stipend be received at least one (1) week in advance of your requested Mass (so that it can be printed in the bulletin).


   Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Parish during these extraordinary times.


~ Fr. Larry

Brenda Adams, George Bromwell, Rob Christian,

Margaret Cloak, Henry Cottelli, Jim Cesanek,

Janice Donahower, Judy Dutton, Mary Alyce Hagelstein, Matt Healy, Ernest Henry, Lorraine Kreiner,

Pauline LoCicero, Steven Lord, John Henry Mathiesen, Rosemary McBride, Gerry McCloskay, Eileen Mulholland, Dot Meyers, Jack Nelson, Michele Resavage,

Bob & Barbara Stroh, Kathryn Tanner, Karen J. Viola,

& Susan Webster

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