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Liturgical & Sacramental Schedule**

Daily Mass Schedule

Weekend Mass Schedule

Monday at 9a - Saint Catherine of Siena

Tuesday at 9a - Nativity 

Wednesday at 9a - Nativity

Thursday at 9a - Saint Catherine of Siena

Saturday at 4p (Vigil) - Nativity

Sunday at 8a - Saint Catherine of Siena

Sunday at 10:00a - Nativity

Holy Day Mass Schedule*

Confession Opportunities

Confession Opportunities

Vigil (night before) at 7p - Saint Catherine of Siena

Holy Day at 9a - Nativity

Holy Day at 7p - Nativity

*(Please check the bulletin to confirm the schedule.)

Saturday from 3:00-3:30p - Nativity

Or Any Time by Appointment

Please Call the Parish Office.

** Due to Homeland Security guidelines, our liturgical events begin promptly at the times indicated.

Once they begin, the exterior doors are locked.

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